Harboro Rocks Clay Shoot
Harboro Rocks Clay Shoot 
Shoot Dates 2018
                All Clay Shoots are 1st and 3rd Sundays in the month
**********Please note that we are strictly Fibre Wad***********

                            75 Bird          50 Bird

 April        1st   &       15th
                   May         6th  &       20th
                   June        3rd  &       17th
                   July          1st  &       15th
                   August      5th &       19th
                   Sept        2nd  &       16th
                   Oct          7th   &       21st
                   Nov         4th   &       18th
                   Dec         2nd  &        16th
Simulated Game Days 2018
Email us at andy@theshootingparty.com for more infomation on simulated game days for 2018. Jean will be happy to forward you an itinary and available dates.
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